Monday, 26 April 2010

Panagia - home gathering of Aghia Epiphania Parish Jakarta

We used to come together in the one of parishioner's home alternately every month after liturgy.
This time we held it in Mr. Yudiro's home.
It's a nice house and looks like designed as a living home with the environmental friendly. I mean that it has good air circulation with a large door so even though it was very hot outside but inside was very fresh even without using air-conditioning.

I love the layout of the kitchen of this house! Usually it is located back of the house but it's at the right side, and there is a window above the sink with views to outside.
I really like it!

We really had good time, having lunch, praying, discussing, and the most interesting thing is…. we had time to listen catechism from Fr. Gabriel!

Mona, Sarah, baby Ruth, Chacha, Immanuel

 chit chat in the guestroom before starting

 Q&A with Fr. Gabriel

 a 'time-capsule' for Mr.&Mrs.Marten from Fr. Gabriel

Chacha and baby Ruth

  Yahaziel & Tatiana


Baka, zasto ne dozvoliti psu dode u kucu????

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