Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Troparion of Kassiani - Great Tuesday

Kyrie, i en poless amartiess
peripessoussa ghini,
tin syn esthomeni theotita, myrophorou
analavoussa taksin, odhyromeni,
mira si pro tou entaphiasmou komizi.
Imi! leghoussa, oti nyx mi iparchi,
isstross akolassiass,
zophodhiss te ke aselinoss,
eross tiss amartiass.
Dhekse mou tass pighass ton dhakryon,
o nepheless dhieksaghon tiss thalassiss to  ydhor.
Kamphthiti mi pross touss stenaghmouss
tiss kardhiass,
o klinass tous ouranouss, ti aphato sou kenossi.
Kataphilisso tous achrandouss sou podhass,
aposmikso toutouss dhe pallin,
tiss tiss kephaliss mou vosstrichiss;
on en to paradhisso Eva to dhilinon,
kroton tiss ossin ichithissa, to phovo ekrivi.
Amartion mou ta plithi,
ke krimaton sou avissouss,
tis eksichniassi psychossosta Sotir mou?
Mi me tin sin dhoulin paridhis,
o ametriton echon to eleoss

Sensing Thy divinity, O Lord, a woman of many sins
takes it upon herself to become a myrrh-bearer,
And in deep mourning brings before Thee fragrant oil
in anticipation of Thy burial; crying:
"Woe to me! For night is unto me, oestrus of lechery,
a dark and moonless eros of sin.
Receive the wellsprings of my tears,
O Thou who gatherest the waters of the oceans into clouds.
Bend to me, to the sorrows of my heart,
O Thou who bendedst down the heavens in Thy ineffable self-emptying
I will kiss Thine immaculate feet
and dry them with the locks of my hair;
Those very feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise
and hid herself in fear.
Who shall reckon the multitude of my sins,
or the abysses of Thy judgment, O Saviour of my soul?
Do not ignore Thy handmaiden,
            O Thou whose mercy is endless."

Easter Feast St. Ioan Sunday School - Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church

Easter Feast St. Ioan Sunday School - Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church
 Saturday, 3 April 2010

Event 15:00 to 18:00 (before the Liturgy):
I.    Easter feast of St. Ioan Sunday School
II.   Youth Choir
III. Announcement of the winners of competitions, giveaways,
      souvenirs for children


1. Competition for eggs

2. Opening
    "Prayer Theotokos"
     Presvjatej Bogorodicje pomolimsja!
    (Blessed Virgin Theotokos, save us!)
     Epiphany Youth Choir

3. Easter Sermon
      Fr. Gabriel Rehatta

4. Easter Dance
     The Children

5. Paschal Troparion in various languages
      The Children

     • Children :Kristus tlah bangkit!
        People   :Benar Dia telah Bangkit!!

     • Children  :Hristos Anesti!!
        People  :Alithos Anesti!!

     • Children : Hristos Voskrese!!
       People : Voistinu Voskrese!!

      Children choir:
      “Hristos Voskrese iz mertvih, smertiju smert po prav,
        i suščim vo grobjeh život darovav!“
      “Hristos anesti eknekron, thanato thanaton patisas
        kai tis en this mnimasi zoi harisamenos!”

    • Mulia ( China )    :Helisituosi fuhuole!
       People               :Queshi fuhuole!

     • Yoel ( Filipina )  :Si Cristo ay nabuhay!
        People             :Siya nga ay nabuhay!

    •  Lucian ( Javanese) : Kristus Sampun Wungu!
       People :Tuhu Sampun Wungu!

    •  Ralf (Korean )    : Kristo Gesso!
       People               : Buhar ha sho Nay!

    •  Irene(Japanese ) : Harisutosu Fukkatsu!
       People               :Jitsu ni Fukkatsu!

    • Nikolas ( English) : Christ is Risen!
      People                 :Indeed He is Risen!

   Children choir:
   “Hristos shiyori fukkatsu shi, shiwo motte shiwo horoboshi,
     hakani aru mononi inochiwo tamaeri !“
   “Christ is risen from the death, trampling down death by Death,
     and upon all those in tombs bestowing life !“

    • Geri ( Dutch )        :Christus is opgestaan!
       People                 :Ja, hij is waarlijk opgestaan!

    • Yefta ( French )    : Le Christ est ressuscité! !
       People                 :il est vraiment ressuscité!!

     • Nesya (Romania) : Hristus A Inviat!
       People                 :Adeverat a Inviat!

    Sunday School teachers:
   “Hristos a înviat din morţi, cu moartea pe moarte călcînd
     şi celor din morminte viaţă dăruindu-le.!“

    • David ( Spanyol ) :Cristo ha resusitado!
      People                 : En verdad, esta resusitado!

    • Keke ( Arab )      :Al Maseeh Qam !
      People                 :Haqqan Qam!

    • Tasya( Turki)       :Hristos Diril-Di!
       People                 :Hakikaten Diril-Di!

    • David ( Hebrew ) :Ha-Mashiah qom!
      People                : Be-emet qom!

    People :
   “ Kristus tlah bangkit dari mati, 
      dan matiNya tlah menginjak injak maut 
      dan pada mreka yang dikuburan hidup menganugrahkan !

   • Children             : Kristus tlah Bangkit!
     People               :Benar Dia telah bangkit!

5.  Paschal Troparion in Slavonic tone.
     Epiphany Youth choir

6. Eggs bump competition
     Koordinator: Yahaziel Tuah

7. Festooning Eggs competition
      Koordinator : Emilia Merari

8. Quiz
      Koordinator : Anastasia Tasya

9. Announcement of the winners of competitions, giveaways, 
    souvenirs for children

Monday, 29 March 2010

Great Lent - Palm Sunday , Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church Jakarta

Behold! the Bridegroom comes!
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010

Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday 28 March 2010
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the celebration of the triumphant entrance of Christ into the royal city of Jerusalem. He rode on a colt for which He Himself had sent, and He permitted the people to hail Him publicly as a king. A large crowd met Him in a manner befitting royalty, waving palm branches and placing their garments in His path. They greeted Him with these words: "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel! (John 12:13).

Annunciation of Theothokos - Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church

The Annunciation of our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

Great Lent -Veneration of the Cross, Holy Epiphany Parish Jakarta

3rd Sunday of Great Lent
Veneration of the Cross

The Third Sunday of Lent is that of the Veneration of the Cross. The cross stands in the midst of the church in the middle of the lenten season not merely to remind men of Christ's redemption and to keep before them the goal of their efforts, but also to be venerated as that reality by which man must live to be saved. "He who does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me" (Mt.10:38). For in the Cross of Christ Crucified lies both "the power of God and the wisdom of God" for those being saved (1 Cor.1:24).

Great Lent - Sunday of Orthodoxy Holy Epiphany Parish Jakarta

Today we commemorate the "Triumph of Orthodoxy"
21 February 2010
The first Sunday of Great Lent

Baptism Sacrament - Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church

Baptism sacrament
15 June 2008
6 cathecuments was baptized in this Pentecost day

15 June 2008
First communion after baptized

Baptism of three babies and three adults on Epiphany Feast
( 6 January 2010 )

Infant Baptism on Epiphany Feast
( 6 January 2010 )

Baptism and Chrismation :

2007: 3 persons

2008: 6 persons

2009: 3 persons ( 1 babies )

2010: 6 persons ( 3 babies )

Sunday School Children - Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church Jakarta

Children attending Eucharist which held in a parishioner home
(2008 )

Children performing Troparion Nativity
( Hristos Gennatai doxasate! - Kristus tlah lahir Muliakanlah! )
on Sunday School Christmas feast
24 December 2009

Celebrating Nicholas's birthday after class

Children on Sunday of Orthodoxy
(28 February 2010)

Children attending Eucharist on Palm Sunday
(28 March 2010)

Orthodox Youth - Holy Epiphany Parish Jakarta

Orthodox Youth Jakarta

24 December 2009
Perform on Christmas gathering after attending Nativity liturgy

28 March 2010
Practicing choir of Paschal Troparion (Hristos Voskrese- Hristos Anesti ) 
and Hymn Theotokos ( Presvjatej Bogorodicje spasi nas )
after Palm Sunday liturgy

The construction of Holy Epiphany Orthodox Church - Jakarta

27 July 2008
a year after suspended due to financial crisis

August 2008
For the first time the suspended construction building was used 
for Holy Matrimony Sacrament

06 December 2009
( front site )
6 December 2009
In this stage, Church would be used for celebrating Nativity feast
( the second times used after held Holy Matrimony in August 2008)

6 December 2009
( parish office )

a year after continuing suspended construction 
(roof and dome installed )

 6 January 2010
(front site)
Epiphany feast

 6 January 2010
Epiphany feast

28 February 2010
Sunday of Orthodoxy

28 February 2010
Sunday of Orthodoxy

28 March 2010
Palm Sunday